Our Team

Mac Ling
Coach and Managing Partner

Mac blends a pragmatic business management mindset with a transformational coaching process to enable business leaders to find breakthroughs and new clarity in the areas of leadership and life management.

Leo Rapini
Coach & Managing Partner

The difficult intersection of art and business is Leo’s sweet spot. His expertise in storytelling has helped both artists and Fortune 500 executives alike, to create and live out more compelling narratives for their lives. 

Daniel Kam
Coach & Managing Partner

A man of many talents, Daniel is a big picture strategist and enjoys developing effective leaders and teams that will impact the world to make a difference.

Hendre Coetzee

Hendre is a Transformation Specialist and the Founder of Center for Advanced Coaching. His work as a speaker and executive coach, has allowed him to work with individuals and organizations on the subjects of Transformation, Unlocking Potential, and Resilience.

Rubia Sibele
Creative Trainer

Ranging from television to dance companies, Rubia has worked to unlock creative thought from artists, enabling them to reach their full potential.