The Journey


The Journey is a six-week group coaching process that brings a small group of people together in order to form a cohort in which to achieve personal success. The Journey is not a workshop/seminar where we will be teaching you a specific framework or procedure. This is an active process where we will encourage you to take action for your life. At the end of the six weeks, we don’t want you to say, “I learned so much from my coach.” We want you to say, “I accomplished all the things I set out to do.”

Through this six-week journey, we will take you step-by-step through our proven transformation process.


Here’s a brief outline of our methodology:

Week 1: Designing The Mandate

Week 2: What’s Not Working in Your Life?

Week 3: Taking Care of Unfinished Business

Week 4: Forgiveness

Week 5: Making It Happen

Week 6: Sustainability


Our goal is to help you deliberately live your life for a six-week period. It’s your responsibility to choose a goal, and we will help you get there. But hey, we’re not here to do the work for you. Your success lies in your own hands.

You have a choice to make. Are you sitting around waiting for your dreams to come to you? Do you even know what your dreams are? Isn’t today a good day to start being proactive about living the life that you want?

We want to help you live a life of choice. Make that decision today.

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