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Our Team of Coaches

Each coach brings their unique voice, style, experience, and gifts to their practice. 

It is our desire for you to be matched with the coach who best suits your communication, motivation, and encouragement style to ensure you see the results you're looking for.


Mac Ling

Mac sees his purpose as helping his clients to find confidence and belief in their whole, authentic selves.  His strength in helping his clients see themselves from new perspectives allows them to create new insights and deep acceptance of all aspects of their complex personas.  It’s through this confidence that healthy, authentic leadership can emerge, and one’s unique gifts can be shared with the world.  In his style, Mac combines strong empathetic listening skills with an analytical critical thinking mindset, creating clarity to empower new action to achieve their goals.


Angela Lee

Angela’s approach is action-oriented and future-first. With a focus on creating space for clients to explore their potential and issues on a deep level, she is an exceptional communicator with high empathy and adaptability. She utilizes elements of positive psychology to bring clients to a greater degree of self-awareness and to achieve positive behavioral change, enabling them to achieve their ultimate outcomes. Angela also tends to explore using a systemic approach to help her client gain a 360° view of their situation, and to see themselves as a whole person.

Rebecca Hopkins.JPG

Rebecca Hopkins

Rebecca works with individuals, leadership teams and organisations on strengthening their connections with themselves and each other so they can build on their performance and delivery. Rebecca believes the ability to have courageous (and often uncomfortable) conversations; knowing how to create a culture of trust and accountability and having a clear understanding of your own and your team’s core values, leads to better business results, and greater engagement and happiness at work.

Janine Manning.JPG

Janine Manning

Often described as challenging yet supportive, Janine brings a practical, high-energy style that inspires authentic action, leading to enhanced strategic and impactful leadership. Leveraging her key strengths of empathy, developer and maximiser, Janine champions deep self-exploration and consistent small steps that lead to significant change. In addition, Janine brings a globally recognized expertise in personal branding to support driven professionals' intent on maximizing their impact


Pia Muggerud

Pia’s approach synthesizes coaching and counselling practices. By staying present and feeling the client’s needs from moment to moment, she guides them to identify their values, needs, and boundaries, which together lay the foundation for profound and lasting change. Her intuition-based approach incorporates breathwork and body awareness, with the ultimate goal of having clients connect with themselves, in addition to delivering external results. Her style is open, warm, exhilarating, and fun and in all her work, Pia encourages free, joyful self-expression married with the recognition of your unique gifts.


Pei-Yin Tong

Pei-Yin’s fluid, patient style allows her to call on a range of coaching styles based on the client’s needs. Through asking thoughtful questions and empathetic listening, she challenges clients to confront their internal realities and drives them to overcome any beliefs that no longer serve them.


Sam Patterson

Working with individuals and teams, Sam quickly and effectively helps his clients to discover what success looks like for them, who they need to be to achieve that vision and what’s required to get them there. His coaching style creates the space to experiment in real time, removing blocks to move forward with confidence, support and accountability.

Scott Barrow

Scott Barrow

Clients say Scott’s style is warm and empathetic, with plenty of space provided to relieve pressure, find
clarity and uncover solutions. This gets combined with a directness and focused intent to keep bringing the
process back to actions that will “move the needle”. Scott tends to be relaxed, flexible and curious, with a
confidence that people are capable of amazing things with the right causes and conditions. As a starting point, he looks to keep the coaching process as open as possible, re-connecting people to their own resourcefulness and capacity, however, he’s also human enough to offer, at the appropriate time, his own knowledge, models, experiences, and stories, to assist clients in their progress. In this way, complexity is distilled into simplicity, and burden becomes energizing opportunity.

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