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Headshot Pia Muggerud.png

Pia Muggerud

Executive Coach

Pia’s Coaching Style:

Pia’s approach synthesizes coaching and counselling practices. By staying present and feeling the client’s needs from moment to moment, she guides them to identify their values, needs, and boundaries, which together lay the foundation for profound and lasting change. Her intuition-based approach incorporates breath work and body awareness, with the ultimate goal of having clients connect with themselves, in addition to delivering external results. Pia draws on a rich background of training and experience in spiritual studies, awareness training, and meditation. Her style is open, warm, exhilarating, and fun and in all her work, Pia encourages free, joyful self-expression married with the recognition of your unique gifts.

Pia’s Professional Background:

Pia has worked as a coach since 2002, working with senior leaders from around Asia. Pia has had the privilege of coaching more than 1,000 people, from more than 15 different countries and has also served as a senior mentor in the training programs of Tony Robbins. Pia has worked with many large companies, including HSBC, BNP Paribas, Society Générale, Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan, UBS, ICBC, CLSA, Daiwa Securities and more.  



  • Corporate Coach, Coach University

  • Licensed Holistic Counsellor (S.I.A.F.)

  • Biodynamic Breath and Trauma Release Practitioner



  • English

  • Norwegian

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