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Our Methodology

While each of our coaches brings their individual styles and practices, we all adhere to five guiding principles to ensure an unparalleled level of quality.

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Guiding Principles


We create a safe space for growth and development.

Confidentiality, trust, integrity, and relationship form the necessary foundation for all coaching relationships.


We show up fully and authentically.

We combine deep, active listening with thoughtful, powerful questioning and direct, honest feedback to create positive impact for you.


We don’t have the answers - you do.

It’s not our job to give you our opinion or solutions.  You’re the expert in your situation and you’ll know how best to create options that you can commit to.


We create accountability for your commitments to act.

We work with you to create structure for your agreements, test your resolve, and support you through the new habits and rhythms you’ll create for yourself. 


We maintain alignment between coach, client, and HR/manager.

Ensuring regular communication of the tripartite relationship is key to ensuring each stakeholder in the coaching agreement has their needs fully met.

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Psychometric and Assessment Tools

All our coaches are accredited in a suite of the most used assessments and psychometric tools. They are skilled at debriefing these and providing customised feedback. Most of our programs include capability assessment and psychometric tools, and we have various ways of providing these for use by individuals and teams.

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Uniquely powerful growth tool that helps people develop the self-awareness and emotional intelligence that is the foundation of real change

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Focused on identifying and highlighting people’s unique strengths; powerful for career coaching and younger candidates

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A powerful suite of tools. It is unique as it is the only psychometric measure of reputation. Highlights how leaders may come across at their best and what may be their ‘shadow’ side

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Trustworthy assessment with strong psychometric properties, focus on communication skills

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The most well-validated type indicator, highlighting individual preferences.

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